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Yate mac cracked apps – is powerful and easy to use Mac application The program is designed to help you create a comprehensive metadata database for audio tracks. Appropriate tools can be provided for you to mark and quickly organize your music collection. The utility can process MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, DSF and FLAC files, you can import tracks for processing, or just link items in iTunes music library.

Yate Function introduction:

A well-structured music tag editor that can handle various types of metadata

Yate can import track metadata from online resources (such as MusicBrainz or Discogs), but you can also edit each entry manually.

The application allows you to change credits and album details, artwork, lyrics, and allows you to store private features such as owner or purchase price.

The best part is that if you link an item in the iTunes library, the changes will be reflected in the media player almost immediately. This is very useful because you can easily organize tracks according to different standards.

Use operation scripts to automatically perform database management and share tagged tracks with friends

Yate comes with more than 100 action script collections that can easily simplify certain tasks: The app comes with a small set of actions that have been integrated with the application interface, but you can easily create new actions using predefined functions.

For your convenience, Yate offers you the possibility to export the current project so that you can immediately share the newly created metadata database with your friends.

Simple and easy-to-use software solution to easily mark audio tracks

Yate offers you the possibility to create a comprehensive metadata database by quickly importing information or even works of art from online sources.

At the same time, the application allows you to store personal details, such as purchase information, your private rating, if you want to skip tracks during shuffle, you can remember, etc.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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