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XtraFinder 1.5.1

XtraFinder mac cracked apps – is a very good The Finder enhancement tool can make your Mac resource manager more powerful. Through it, you can add multiple tags to the Finder, use Windows shortcut keys to manage files, add “New File” to the right-click menu, change the appearance of the Finder theme, etc. All in all, it is powerful. – XtraFinder

XtraFinder function:

1. Menu command

Quick access to the menu, context menu, and many functions provided in the toolbar. Copy path, attributes, content, new terminal, create symbolic link, new file, copy to, move to, show hidden items, hide desktop, etc. – XtraFinder

2, cut and paste

Press Command + X to cut and Command + P to paste. Natural cutting and pasting experience.

3, copy queue

No matter how many times you press the copy/cut/paste shortcut without waiting for the completion of the previous operation, you can copy and move files one by one.

4. Tags

Tab-style and dual-panel file management. For older versions of Finder without native Tabs support.

5. The folder is on top

Save the folder above the file. For the traditional Finder.

6, automatically adjust the width of the column

To view the full file names of all files, without manually adjusting column widths.

7. Enhanced appearance

The Finder where the beautiful label painted images are left behind. Custom colors, also known as light text on dark backgrounds. Color *** in the sidebar. Transparent window.

8, there are many more

Display the folder item count in the list view. The size of the selected item is displayed in the status bar. Press Enter or Return to open the selection. Click the middle mouse button to open the folder in a new window or tab.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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