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Xliff Editor

Xliff Editor 2.8.5

Xliff Editor mac cracked apps – is a simple and easy to use XLIFF file No more confusion in XML format, or worry about file corruption. The Xliff editor includes full search support, convenient keyboard shortcuts, and even basic understanding support for SDLXliff files. !

Xliff Editor introduction:

The XLIFF file is based on the standard XML format and is specifically used to exchange localized data. Xcode6 publishes / imports all localized data without the need to send various file formats to locals for translation. The XLIFF format makes translation easy because it eliminates all layouts and formats, and only provides a simple text-to-text translation mechanism for translators. (Currently only XLIFF v1.2 files are supported.)


Highlighted search

Spell checker

Easily identify untranslated strings

XLIFF, XLF file support

SDLXIFF support supports import to XLIFF

Support alt-trans and seg-source summary

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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