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WonderPen 2.0.2

WonderPen mac cracked apps – WonderPen an easy-to-use writing tool on the Mac platform. Whether you are a writer, student or writing enthusiast, you can use Mac Pen to complete your work. Miaobi Mac version is a text editor that supports MarkDown syntax, and can be easily derived into pictures, PDF and other formats.

WonderPen Features:

-Tree-like multi-level directory, you can drag and drop the brakes to sort or change the interlaced relationship at will, so that the directory structure of the long-length masterpiece is clear at a glance.

-Simple and easy-to-use text editor that supports Markdown syntax.

-Can be switched to full-screen focus mode to eliminate interference and concentrate on writing.

-Easily export to pictures, PDF and other formats.

-Documents are automatically saved and backup files are exported gradually.

-A separate note can be added for each document for writing reference.

-When there are too many documents, you can focus on a copy in the document tree to hide the remaining details.

-Support full text search.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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