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WireframeSketcher 6.2.2

WireframeSketcher cracked for amc – is a powerful and flexible wireframe And prototype rapid creation tools, suitable for desktop app and mobile app developers. WireframeSketcher can be used as a standalone app or as an Eclipse plug-in.


WireframeSketcher is also a simple creation tool with a hand-drawn style, so you will not be disturbed by some details. It contains a large number of UI controls and can be flexibly customized. The optimized interface, multiple shortcuts, grid capture and intelligent guidance all make WireframeSketcher a fast and efficient choice. Mockups Gallery also stores a large number of downloadable plugins, templates and icons.

Function introduction:

Professional wireframe tools

Create wireframes in minutes

Quickly get quality feedback

Build better software

Involve your entire team!

What is the prototype?

Simulate your website, desktop and mobile applications. Get Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone molds from Mockups Gallery. Create your own templates, widgets and icons. Everything is vector and looks great at any resolution.

Get results quickly

Get results fast, and with great use of effect wireframe and mockup tools, simplified, native UI. Focus on what the rough appearance is. Use multiple monitors. Quickly locate objects with the help of grid snaps and smart guide lines.

Collaborate easily

Use version control to collaborate with your team. Manage large prototypes through projects. Show your work in a full-screen viewer. Send the click-through PDF to your customers via email, or upload and share the wireframe online on our server. Use the same tools on Mac, Windows and Linux.

WireframeSketcher for Mac software features

Powerful and flexible

WireframeSketcher can be used as a stand-alone model and wireframe tool, or as a plug-in for any Eclipse IDE. It is cross-platform and has a native and fast UI on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Create anything, from fast models to large prototypes. The built-in refactoring function allows you to easily rename and move files without breaking the link. The flexible UI allows you to utilize multiple monitors.

Hand-painted or clean appearance

Using WireframeSketcher, you will get a rough, unfinished, hand-drawn look. In this way, your stakeholders will not be distracted by some details and you can focus on the important things. You can immediately switch to a clean appearance when needed.

Rich UI control library

WireframeSketcher comes with a large number of UI controls. You will find buttons, checkboxes, trees, tables, and name them. The controls are very flexible and can be customized using attributes and Wiki syntax directly in the text.

Quick and easy to use

The interface is optimized for speed. Multiple shortcut keys can effectively use the keyboard. Simplified the property view to maximize efficiency. Quickly locate objects with the help of grid snaps and smart guide lines.

Interactive prototype

Use links to create interactive prototypes. Display your prototype in full screen mode and click to show how the application or website works. Export your prototype as a clickable high-quality PDF (such as PDF), and then let your customers test it themselves.

Flexible Wiki format

Wiki format allows you to style any widget that supports text. Using simple syntax, you can make part of the text bold, italic, underlined, and even insert icons to make checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. Syntax highlighting prevents you from losing the text.

Use your own picture

Missing widgets? Do you want to include a logo? WireframeSketcher allows you to use your own images. You can easily draw color images in black and white to blend with the overall appearance of the wire frame. The best thing is-you can use SVG vector graphics images, and even automatically get a hand-drawn look.

Big set of vector icons

WireframeSketcher comes with more than 200 vector icons, which are perfect for wireframes and can be used for free in your own website or application. The size of the icon is not limited, it can be colored, rotated and embedded in any text. To embed, just press Ctrl + Space while editing the text of the widget and select from the list. If these icons are not enough, just install other icon packs from the mold library.

Use components to create reusable bits

Do you need a universal template, a master for all screens? Do you want to reuse the standard dialog in multiple places? This can be done using components. In all screens where the component is used, changes to the component are immediately visible. You can put them in the palette and create your own molds. Any screen can be used as a component. This means it is easy to create screen variants without any duplication. The easy inheritance mechanism allows you to change the component instance without breaking the link to its source.

Annotate your wireframe

Annotate wireframes directly in WireframeSketcher to provide more detailed specifications to accompany your design. Annotations can be attached to the entire screen or to individual objects.

Storyboard use cases

Use storyboards to demonstrate your use cases and show how the UI responds to user actions and time changes. Use storyboards for slide presentations and export multi-page, interactive PDF or HTML.

Show off your work

Do you need to discuss ideas without interfering with other applications? Want to introduce prototypes to your customers? One-click to *** full-screen presentation mode. Want to send your wireframe and plot synopsis? Just export the wireframe to high-quality PDF, HTML or PNG. Upload and share the exported HTML online on the WireframeSketcher server. You can always print the wireframe on paper and discuss it face to face with the customer.

Add additional molds

Use the Mockups Gallery provided by users to quickly launch your model and get inspiration from it. Find Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone molds, other icons and other useful resources, and share your own contributions with the community.

Open format based on XML

Wireframes are stored in an open format based on XML. You can easily store your screens under version control and use standard Eclipse tools to track changes and perform differences and merges when needed. Use the open source SDK to create your own tools around this format.

mac cracked app

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