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WINGSPAN (WINGS) mac cracked apps – a collectible card game based on the board game of the same name. The version for personal computers is designed for sessions from one to five people. Players are assigned the role of ornithologists, who study new species of birds and try to collect and bring as many rare individuals as possible to the nature reserve.


By collecting various birds around the world, more points go to those who manage to get a unique and endangered species. With the help of a deck of cards, players create various chains of events and properties in a particular habitat. What kind of environments these will be is determined on an individual basis and depends on the method of development of the reserve. WINGSPAN (WINGS) has a huge variety and variability.

The game will constantly progress and provide new features. Initially, a basic set of maps will be available, but the more the reserve develops, the more opportunities will be available for further play. The gameplay allows you to compete not only with friends or random people from the network, but also try your hand at a single player game against artificial intelligence.

Mac cracked apps

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