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WiFi Signal 4.4.1

WiFi Signal mac cracked app – is small and flexible, At the same time, the information is rich. After WiFi Signal is started, it will be integrated in the menu bar at the top right, which is similar to the cell phone signal column we usually see. After clicking, you can see very rich information, including the current Wi-Fi name, router brand, IP address, signal strength chart, link speed and other information.

WiFi Signal

Function introduction:
  1. Provide a dynamic signal strength meter. When you move your mobile phone closer to the wifi hotspot, you will find that the signal strength increases, which will help you find the best Internet location.

  2, refresh your WIFI network immediately.

  3. With just one click, you can automatically restore your lost wireless signal.

  4. Speed ​​up Internet browsing and downloading.

  5, the best and easiest to use WIFI wireless signal booster.

Mac cracked apps

Screenshot of the software:​

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