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Whisk 2.0.1

Whisk mac cracked apps – is a lightweight HTML and PHP editor with a real-time preview pane that displays updated pages as you type. It is an essential application for your web development kit.

Whisk function:

  1. Brand new appearance

Whisk has a complete UI refresh, including an integrated inspector and new icons. It has a gorgeous new dark theme. uses the same convention as Tumult Hype, another application of our company.

  1. Catalina support

Whisk is built as a 64-bit application and runs on macOS 10.11 to the latest 10.15. It uses many new platform features, such as auto-save, version, tabs, automatic theme settings, WebKit2 separate process rendering and modern security enhancements.

  1. Scroll synchronization

Click the toolbar button to ensure that the source code editor and web preview will scroll proportionally.

  1. View files

HyperEdit’s “Linked Files” has been improved to automatically discover files associated with documents and monitor changes in the file system to reload the web preview.

  1. HTML5 verification

Whisk now uses W3C Nu Html Checker (v. Nu) to verify modern HTML5, XHTML5, CSS and SVG.

  1. Preview version

Whisk’s new “Preview” toolbar button allows you to use the Hype Reflect app to send a preview to any browser or iOS device installed on the system. The new built-in HTTP server ensures that the preview is closer to the final hosted version.

  1. Enhanced editing

The grammar highlighter has been updated with the latest keywords to better color the sub-language. There are better line numbers and highlights. New preferences give you more control over the editing experience.

  1. Save file settings

maintains a database that is associated with file paths and is used for document-specific settings, such as rendering mode, window layout, encoding, etc.

  1. Bug fix

The update contains many fixes for long-term workflow issues.

Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64-bit

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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