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WebScraper 4.14.3

WebScraper mac cracked apps – is a very good one that runs on the Mac platform WebScraper plug-in can help you easily crawl web page data within 10 minutes. Just enter the starting URL to start, simple operation and powerful function.

WebScraper Function introduction:

1. Use multiple threads to quickly scan any website

In the main WebScraper window, you must specify the URL address of the web page to be scanned and the number of threads to be used to complete this process. You can adjust the latter parameter with a simple slider.

2. In order to avoid any unnecessary scanning, you can choose to grab only one page, and then start the process with a simple mouse click. In the Live View window, you can see the status messages returned by each link, which may be useful when dealing with debugging tasks.

3. Extract various types of information and export the data as CSV or JSON.

4. In the “WebScraper Output” panel, you can select the type of information you want the utility to extract from the web page: URL, title, description, content associated with different classes or IDs, title, page content in various formats ( Plain text, HTML or Markdown) and last modified date.

5. You can also choose the output file format (CSV or JSON), decide to merge blanks, and set an alarm when the file exceeds a certain size. If you choose the CSV format, you can choose to use quotation marks around the columns and what to use instead of quotation marks or row separator types.

6. Last but not least, WebScraper also allows you to change the user agent, set limits for the number of links and clicks from home, you can ignore the query string, and treat the subdomains of the root domain as internal page.

7. Easily grab information from online resources without too much user interaction.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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