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WarRoom 3.1.3

WarRoom mac cracked app is a very good document review Tools, support document and image metadata loading, easily and quickly build a new work area or import old databases, and improve your work efficiency!

WarRoom function:

1. Create a document workspace easily

2, quickly build a new work area or import an old database. From an earlier version of WarRoom.

3. Use iCloud to automatically synchronize the WarRoom workspace.

4. Invite other users to share your workspace in real time and collaborate on document reviews.

5, easily import document production

6. Use any standard delimiting character to load document metadata from a delimited text file.

7. Load images and related metadata from image loading files (support single-page Tiff and Jpegs).

8. Import PDF files directly into the workspace. *

9. Make your document review smooth

10. Use keywords, Boolean operators, index search and concept search to easily search the extracted text.

11. View documents in list, detailed information or split screen mode.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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