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War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld 2.1.0f4a (55097)

War for the Overworld mac cracked apps – Tired of invading dungeons? It’s time you built your own! War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management Game that employs your favourite aspects of the RTS and God Game genres. Carve out your Dungeon and conquer the Overworld!

War for the Overworld

Tired of conquering dungeons? Time to build your own!

Do you feel that interest in the monotonous dismemberment of villains and endless tasks and rewards is starting to fade – gold and shoes are a little more decent than before? Starting to doubt your heroic calling? Then welcome to War for the Overworld!

Reviving dungeon management sims

Recreated like never before, the classic dungeon lord games feel like you can dig and build your own evil lord’s lair right below the overworld. Manage your dungeons, beat minions and build underground fortresses filled with dangerous rooms, traps and nefarious minions. And all the while you will be guided by the classic and best voice of evil: Richard Ridings!

Arm yourself with an arsenal of evil -War for the Overworld

Evil must have a choice, and there are plenty of options on the path of evil! A rich selection of over sixty rooms, spells, potions, rituals, defenses and buildings throughout the game. Apply all your insidious tricks against worthy heroes of the upper world so that you no longer dare to poke your head outside the border.

Successfully master a variety of modes

You can defeat enemies in any of the six available modes. Choose between Campaign, Battle, Scenarios, Multiplayer, Survival Battle, or My Pocket Dungeon expansion (2 free levels included with the base game) and experience what it’s like to be truly evil. -War for the Overworld

Customize, create and share… with your enemies

Create your own maps and campaigns using the powerful map editor with intuitive menus and script support, then share them on the Steam Workshop, which already has thousands of custom maps! Don’t stop there: dozens of mutators will allow you to break any rule. Evil has never been so inventive!

Created by cultists (fanatics) for cultists (fanatics)

“If you fancy a modern Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld continues to be the best of the bunch.”
PC Gamer

“It’s evident this game was made with nothing but love for the series it’s so shamelessly inspired by. Subterranean knows exactly what was so thrilling about playing the part of a malicious tyrant.”
The Jimquisition

“Brightrock Games haven’t stopped supporting the game … In fact, they rolled up their sleeves, listened to feedback, and polished those old dungeons to a shine.” -War for the Overworld

Tired of invading dungeons? It’s time you built your own!

Do you feel you’re in a slump, monotonously disembowelling evil guys in endless quests for gold and a slightly better pair of boots? Are you starting to wonder if heroics really are your calling? Then welcome to the War for the Overworld!
Dungeon Management Reincarnated

Excavate and build your dungeon beneath the overworld, in the modern dungeon management game that’s most faithful to the genre’s original DNA. Keep your dungeons, slap your minions, and forge underground fortresses filled with all the dastardly rooms, traps and heinous minions you desire. Do it all under the mentorship of the original and best voice of evil: Richard Ridings!
Wield the Arsenal of Evil

Evil loves options, and within the Veins of Evil there are plenty to go around! Choose from over sixty rooms, spells, potions, rituals, defences and constructs as you progress through the game. Deploy your fiendish tools against the goodly heroes of the overworld, and teach them the price of trespass.
Conquer a Myriad of Modes -War for the Overworld

With six game modes to choose from you can conquer your enemies in your own unique way. Choose from Campaign, Skirmish, Scenarios, Multiplayer, Survival, and the My Pet Dungeon expansion (free 2-level demo included in the base game), and discover what it truly means to be the bad guy.
Customise, Create, and Share with Your… Enemies

Build your own maps and campaigns with the intuitive and powerful Map Editor, complete with scripting support, then share them on the Steam Workshop to join the ranks of thousands of custom maps already created! Meddle further, and change the very rules themselves to your liking with dozens of mutators. Being evil has never been so creative!
Made by Cultists (Fanatics), for Cultists (Fanatics)

War for the Overworld is developed by an independent team of fanatical developers, each with a true love of the dungeon management genre. We have continued to update the game since launch, with countless patches, balancing, polish, and many new features. Our community has been vital to our success, and we couldn’t have made the game what it is today without their help. We thank them sincerely. -War for the Overworld

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