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VisualDiffer 1.8.7

VisualDiffer mac cracked app – is a file management tool that can help you compare files in different folders or cross-comparison of documents, or compare the paths of two files. You can also use the UNIS diff command to quickly, standardly and reliably compare the results of folders and files in different categories, and visually display them in different colors. And save the result, it can be convenient to reopen it quickly and directly at the directory level next time.

VisualDiffer Software function:

  1. It can quickly compare the base directories of folders selected from the following menu. Use the file filtering function, you can follow the image. Git visualization of specific files, svn directories or ubiquitous DS_Store files are hidden. The file comparison is quick, standard, and reliable using UNIX difference commands.

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Mac cracked app screenshot:

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