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Virus Scanner Plus

Virus Scanner Plus 3.14

Virus Scanner Plus mac cracked app – It is an anti-virus software for the Mac OS platform, produced by BitDefender. Although it is said that the Mac OS X platform is very safe and does not require anti-virus software, it is still convenient to have a spare anti-virus software in the computer. What about one? At this time, the anti-virus software can play a role. – Virus Scanner Plus

Virus Scanner Plus introduction:

1. Award-winning BitDefender antivirus engine;

2, the detection of OS X and Windows viruses is the same;

3, update to the latest version, automatically enable;

4. Quick scan option-quick scan, easy to infect system area;

5. Even search for malware in archives and other types of files, such as PDF, PKG, zip code, rar, etc.;

6. Easy-to-use interface;

7. Straight ahead security status and suggestions;

8. Isolate dangerous files;

9. Deep system scan;

10. Drag and drop files or folders to scan;

11. Files and folders excluded from scanning (ie Time Machine backup, etc.)

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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