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VideoPad Professional 11.77

VideoPad Professional mac cracked app – VideoPad Professional is a powerful movie-editing software for OS X. It allows you to create and edit videos of many formats including .avi, .wmv, .3gp, .wmv, .divx as well as several others. Try VideoPad for free to create a professional quality movie by combining several video clips or working with just one.

VideoPad Professional

In the past, we have referred to VideoPad Professional as free software, and NCH advertises its free version of VideoPad for home use. However, certain features are known to time out even in the free version, and users have complained over the years about features not working even though their use was non-commercial.

With this VideoPad review, we tested the paid licensed version, but we recommend that you try the free version before you buy. Note that if you do continue to use the free version, the Mac app will ask you to verify that every time you launch it, which gets a bit old.

VideoPad review

(Image credit: VideoPad Professional)
The Home Edition ($40) facilitates only two audio tracks and doesn’t accept plug-ins. Upgrading to the Master’s Edition for $70 removes the audio track limitation and opens up plug-in extensibility for Windows. You can pay a one-time fee for a traditional license or subscribe for $5.50 per month.

VideoPad review: Interface and ease of use
Thanks to VideoPad’s simple, well-organized interface, aspiring movie makers of any level can quickly get familiar with its conventions. It takes no time flat to become fluent in opening and closing windows, stringing clips together, and adding transitions, text, and narration to create a compelling visual presentation. Just drag and drop video, audio, and still image assets into the files pane, and you’re ready to tell your story by assembling clips in the timeline or in storyboard mode.

VideoPad Professional review

VideoPad sports a clean, uncluttered interface that’s organized by tabs and menu driven. The new theme is a pleasing dark gray. (Image credit: Jackie Dove/Tom’s Guide)
The method by which the app sorts video footage and still images into bins — making sure you don’t confuse their placement on the timeline — helps to speed up the workflow, especially for newcomers.

The app is menu driven, and also works via drag and drop, so there are various ways to accomplish a single goal. You can operate all functions from within the application frame or you can break out VideoPad’s dockable panels to get a closer look at the task at hand. It would be nice if you could actually re-arrange the workspace permanently.

VideoPad Professional review: Video editing features
With VideoPad, enough is never too much. It does not provide an overabundance of choices, but offers a respectable selection of transitional effects for moving between clips and images and a collection of filters to give them a unique look. Other helpful features include the ability to edit 360 video, as well as video stabilization.

You can preview the various filters with a click before applying them, combine several to create a custom effect or template for reuse, and adjust their length via easy to use menus.

VideoPad Professional review

There are plenty of ways to incorporate text, including animated text, into your VideoPad movies. (Image credit: Jackie Dove/Tom’s Guide)
VideoPad lets users enhance their videos with transitions, visual effects, overlays, and text. It also provides some rudimentary audio tools and lets you select from an extensive library of sound effects and background atmospheric audio.

VideoPad Professional review

The app provides the basic in terms of built-in filters and transitions, but does not overwhelm with choices. (Image credit: Jackie Dove/Tom’s Guide)
Numerous optimization features let you fine-tune colors, add digital images to footage, add subtitles, and adjust the speed of video playback. Its video stabilization feature lets you reduce the camera shake, while the high-end version supports special effects plugins, but only for the Windows version.

VideoPad review

Subtitles are easy to create and style. (Image credit: Jackie Dove/Tom’s Guide)
VideoPad Professional review: Audio editing features
While audio tools are not extensive, VideoPad does let you create a movie soundtrack by mixing different audio tracks, music, vocals, and recording narration. While you have the ability to fade, mix and adjust the volume of a video clip’s audio, if you want to go further you’ll need an external mixer or editor. NCH’s own WavePad is available for download right from VideoPad’s main menu.

VideoPad Professional review

You can type in subtitles and use the text to speech engine to provide narration. (Image credit: Jackie Dove/Tom’s Guide)
You can record narration directly within the program and text to speech features, while always sounding false, worked well. Voice recognition for subtitles, available only on the Windows version, is a great idea. Sadly the implementation does not live up to the promise. Even with a video clearly spoken in a quiet environment, it did a poor job of automatically translating into subtitles. -VideoPad Professional

  • Select from several movie clip transitions
  • Use text overlays for captions and other in movie text
  • Preview the effects in real time
  • Customize the duration of the effect
  • Tweak brightness, saturation and color to get exactly the look you want in your movie
  • Insert images into your movies with one click of the mouse Awesome Sound Editing Features:
  • Import and mix audio tracks -VideoPad Professional
  • Use with MixPad to create a movie soundtrack
  • Record or import audio narration Store And Share Your Movie In Many Formats:
  • Burn your movies to DVDs and watch them on your television
  • Save your movies in one of several formats to share them with friends and family through email or your website
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.5 or later, 64-bit processor -VideoPad Professional
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