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Valentina Studio Pro

Valentina Studio Pro 10.6.0

Valentina Studio pro mac cracked apps – Valentina Studio Pro is your general database management tool for MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB databases, which allows you to connect to all major databases, run queries and generate graphs to better understand your mission-critical business data.

Valentina Studio Pro Function introduction:

1, Valentina Forms

Intuitively create and add forms, and then your users can use them in the free Valentina Studio.

2. Data transmission

You can then specify the source / target table and field mapping and load the records from db1 to db2.

3. Continuous database integration

The database continuous integration (CI) tool in Valentina Studio Pro applies good software development practices to the database.


Compare the modes of the two databases and generate a SQL script that can convert the first mode to the second mode.

5. Database modeling

Intuitively model the database using the premier Database Schema Editor reverse and forward engineering tools.

6. Report editor

Use a full set of design elements to transform the query into a visual corporate report.

7, Database Query Builder

Use Query Builder to intuitively build SQL queries. Work directly on the tables and links that are part of the query to be created.

8. SQL editor

Full-featured SQL editor or write queries, and then execute them against a local or remote database or database server.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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