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UninstallPKG 1.1.9

UninstallPKG mac cracked apps – is a practical PKG complete uninstall tool on Mac. As the name implies, this is a PKG installation package uninstall tool. It can search and scan all PKG programs installed on Mac, then uninstall and delete completely, saving disk space, such as Office for Mac, etc. The software can use this software to help uninstall quickly and completely, very convenient!

UninstallPKG Features:

UninstallPKG allows you to completely remove the so-called “package” (file extension, pkg) and all content installed from your Mac, it can remove unnecessary functions, such as unused printer drivers, or completely remove you Applications that are no longer used to reclaim valuable disk space. The uninstaller can also keep the Mac clean by deleting leftover files from applications that have been partially deleted. It can delete all 37,290 files of Office 2011 at once, or completely delete things like Java or Flash plugins. It can also delete the application from the Dock and LoginItems directories after uninstalling the application, and delete the generated files (preferences, etc.).

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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