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Umbrella 1.1.2

Umbrella mac cracked app – is a Mac version to prevent duplicate files Tool, simple and powerful, monitoring any folder in the hard disk, after adding a file, will monitor the content in the folder for you, if there is duplicate content, it will report the duplicate, and it will automatically mark and delete it

Umbrella introduction:

Umbrella for Mac reports the copy when it is created. When using standard copy tools, the boring work of dealing with huge results is eliminated. It is the only anti-copy tool available on the market. Easy to use and powerful. for Mac is a perfect finishing supplement, using them together will keep your Mac clean and efficient.

The Mac version can be searched in the iTunes database. Search for photo image files. Search for files. Customize criteria to determine duplicates. Automatically mark and quickly clear. Multiple file previews, Mac version is fully integrated with Tidy Up and many more functions.

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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