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Turnover 1.63

Turnover mac cracked apps – is the ultimate BPM meter for OS X and is used to assign accurate BPM values ​​to your entire iTunes music library. Click on the entire playlist at an amazing speed, or click on a song, because they hardly cause any interference in your workflow. Let Turnover help generate playlists within a specific BPM range of fixed-speed training, including 180-minute playlists per minute for efficient operation.

Turnover Features:

Fast and efficient

Full-featured music / iTunes controller.

Click on the playlist without switching to music / iTunes.

Click to save, skip to the next track, and continue to click.

Weekly transfer You can tap the entire playlist without pressing the Return key continuously. And, without having to wait for each song to start playing, “Turnover” can automatically jump to the front, so you can start clicking right away.

Notification when the BPM of the current track is missing or unconfirmed.

Global hotkey to activate turnover.

After receiving the notification, click your global hotkey, click BPM, and let Turnover take you back there. With a few taps, you can complete the current task immediately.

Ignore the BPM value estimated by the beat analysis software.

Rules for managing playlists.

Various notification mechanisms, including low growl.

Customizable keyboard shortcuts, no mouse operation required.

Detect tapping errors immediately, just keep tapping.

Built-in metronome.

Several instruments can be selected for “tapping” sounds.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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