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Trigon Space Story

Trigon: Space Story

Trigon: Space Story mac cracked apps – Trigon: Space Story is a strategy single-player roguelike game. Immerse yourself in a compelling story-driven campaign in which you will command your spaceship and take on the roles that suit you: you can be a ruthless barbarian, an adventurer or a hero the galaxy needs.

Trigon: Space Story

In Trigon: Space Story, you will have an arsenal of 100 different types of destructive weapons at your disposal: for example, lasers, turrets, plasma guns, space bombs, combat drones and others. At any time, the game can be paused so as not to miss something important in the heat of battle.

But it is you who will have to make fateful decisions, manage your team and save them from death, after which there will be no turning back. Experiment and use all the experience gained to emerge victorious from difficult battles.

Choose the spaceship that suits you. Which would you prefer: classic Human models, energy-efficient Etari models, bio-mechanical Rakhi ships, or the high-tech solutions of the Taerticons? As captain, you are responsible for updating weapon systems and onboard equipment. You can use all the resources you receive to improve your weapons.

The crew is the heart of your ship. If skillfully placed in their places, they will give you the advantage you need to win the battles. Assign important tasks to your team and always remember their strengths and weaknesses so that everything goes like clockwork in the next fight. Be firm when facing moral dilemmas – the cosmos is unforgiving! -Trigon: Space Story

During the campaign, you will be able to freely travel around the galaxy: visit space stations, explore abandoned colonies and extract resources. On your way you will meet representatives of four different races, each of which has its own characteristics, technologies and philosophies.

Gain experience by completing tasks and participating in various events and tactical space battles, as well as apply the acquired knowledge and skills in skirmishes with enemies.

The randomly generated universe and dynamic events guarantee you a completely new adventure every time. All this, along with the challenging endless game mode, makes Trigon: Space Story truly replayable.

Sci-fi indie roguelike game

Exciting tactical space battles

Exciting single-player story campaign

High replay value thanks to a randomly generated universe

Limitless Decision-Making Opportunities

Trigon: Space Story is a roguelike single-player game that focuses heavily on strategy. Dive into a gripping story campaign that sees you commanding your own spaceship and deciding what sort of captain you want to be: a ruthless barbarian, an adventurous fortune hunter, or the hero the galaxy so desperately needs.

In Trigon: Space Story, you’ll have a devastating arsenal of up to 100 different weapons at your disposal—including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, space bombs and combat drones. You can pause the game at any time so you don’t lose sight of things in the heat of battle.

But it’s on you to make the right tactical decisions and capitalize on your crew’s skills—because death is permanent! Only by experimenting with various strategies will you be able to master the challenging combat situations you must face as captain.

Choose from a large selection of spaceships: Will you start your journey in a classic human spaceship, an energy-efficient Etari model, a bio-mechanical Rakkhi vessel or a high-tech Taertikon craft? As captain, you’re responsible for upgrading the weapons systems and board technology. You can use any resources you obtain to boost your ship’s weaponry. -Trigon: Space Story

The crew remains the heart of your ship; skilfully deployed, they will give you the edge you need to win battles. Assign your crew important tasks and always keep their strengths and weaknesses in mind, so that everything runs like clockwork in your next encounter. Don’t hesitate over moral decisions—space doesn’t forgive mistakes!

You’ll have the freedom to roam the galaxy on your conquest campaign: visit space stations, explore abandoned colonies and capture resources. Along the way, you’ll encounter four different races, each with their own characteristics, technologies and philosophies. -Trigon: Space Story

Gain experience through quests, sudden events and tactical space battles and bring your newly acquired skills to bear against your enemies.

The procedurally generated universe and dynamic events guarantee you a refreshingly different adventure every time. This, along with a sophisticated endless game mode, makes Trigon: Space Story highly replayable.

Roguelike indie title with a sci-fi setting
Action-packed tactical space battles
Thrilling single-player story campaign
High replayability with procedurally generated universe
Endless decision-making possibilities -Trigon: Space Story

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