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Trickster 3.8.1 fix

Trickster mac cracked apps – can quickly find recently used, new, modified (even including Open, copy and move), downloaded files. The convenience for Mac is that you can view all your latest files and applications, and in-depth check their categories, such as documents, photos, videos, audios and downloads. You can even mark the name for later use.

Trickster introduction:

Drag and drop files from Trickster to Finder or any other application, just like you do from Finder.

Open files and applications, preview them or display them in Finder.

Preset filters only display images, audio files, videos, documents, applications, folders and specific locations.

Create your own custom filters based on location, file type, Finder tags (on OS X 10.9) or string matching.

Only track related files and ignore the rest.

The favorites “sticky” bar allows you to quickly access your most frequently used files, folders and applications. Drag and drop the file into the “favorite” folder, move it to the “favorite” application, and then open it with that particular application.

Add files to any notebook on Evernote.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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