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Transfer 1.3.0

Transfer mac cracked app – is a reliable and fully RFC-compliant TFTP server application. The perfect alternative to the built-in TFTP server on Mac. It has everything you expect: real-time updates of ongoing current transmissions, support for broadcast TFTP requests, transmission history, and basic TFTP root directory access control and file management.

Transfer function:

  1. RFC 2347-TFTP option extension
  2. RFC 2348-TFTP block size option
  3. RFC 2349-TFTP timeout interval and transmission size options
  4. In addition, it supports file using binary or ascii mode, and unlimited size by using implicit block counter rollover. Wait, what’s going on? Don’t worry, as long as you know can provide you with the flexibility you need to handle different file types and sizes.
  5. The transmission has been tested in a real production environment to ensure that it can work normally under different conditions. For such a simple application, it can do the job well.
  6. Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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