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TrackGod Sound TrackGod 2 v2.22

TrackGod Sound TrackGod 2 mac cracked app – TrackGod Sound TrackGod is an excellent music plug-in. This plug-in has simple-to-use effects. It can bring reverberation, delay, lp filter, hp filter and other functional effects to your music works, making your audio more beautiful melody. Beat your attention and focus on your beat. TrackGod will handle the rest. – TrackGod Sound TrackGod 2

TrackGod Sound TrackGod function:

1. Simple effect

Easily add reverb, delay, lp filter, hp filter, and use a knob to turn the wire into a pluck! And more…

2, ARP

Use the onboard arp to easily get the melody.

3. Frequency

Reduce the enhanced frequency of the sound

4. Speed ​​change

Make the notes sound different according to the strength of the keys!

TrackGod Sound TrackGod

5. Effect

Distortion, BitCrush, ensemble, chorus, saturation, Tremelo, etc. add more features to your voice!

6. Modulation

This section is for anyone who wants to add a little sound design to change the sound.

7. Your focus on the tracks on TRACKOD will handle the rest

Impress your audience: modern futuristic sound design

Our sound designers are dedicated to providing you with the styled sounds you hear on the radio, but we also design sounds that you have never heard before.

Artists like modern but unique heart rhythms. Sometimes, replacing the “typical” sound with a different sound can change the unique sound of the melody

TrackGod Sound TrackGod

8. The most convenient VST to use with this quality

The feedback quote we receive most often is “easy to use”

Most VSTs are made in consideration of producers and sound designers. This will cause confusion for the producer, because you will see a lot of knobs and annoying things, you may not care!

Some manufacturers just want to open the VST and cook! That’s the person we made the TrackGod layout for. It is easy to digest, easy to use, easy to customize the sound softly and has various effects.

The core of the sound is already processed by us, so no additional knobs are needed! !

9. Let your melody jump out of the speaker

One problem with beats these days is that they sound too bad.

The velocity variation part of TrackGod allows you to add some paint types to the sound.

In short: the character of the sound will vary depending on how hard or how hard you press the keys!

10. Customize your voice

Effects: The “Effects” section will allow you to add some basic but strong characters to the sound.

Internal effect: reverberation. delay. Bitcrush is distorted. Gate Tremello tremolo. Chorus and more!

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:

TrackGod Sound

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