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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS 1.7.1

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS mac cracked app – Total War THREE KINGDOMS is the first to reshape the ancient Chinese beacon legend in this stage of the award-winning strategy game series. In the exciting turn-based battle, you can build a country and govern the country; in the breathtaking “Total War: Three Kingdoms” will be combined with each other, redefining the legendary history of heroes. In real-time combat, you can fight on the battlefield to break the army and kill the enemy. – Total War THREE KINGDOMS


China in 190 AD

Welcome to a new era of legendary battles of Total War THREE KINGDOMS.

The country is picturesque, but the princes crack the earth and become kings. At this time, new people must rule the world and change the world. You need to dominate the world, establish a new dynasty, and build an eternal foundation.

Choose from twelve legendary princes to subdue and conquer the world. Recruit heroes to help you accomplish your great cause, and use military, technological, political and economic means to stifle the enemy and submit.


Will you build an unbreakable brotherhood and gain the respect of your enemies? Or will he double-handedly, conspiracy and tricks, become a generation of traitors?

The legend is waiting for you to write, but there is no doubt that the magnificent mountains and rivers are waiting for you to conquer.


Reshape the world

In the Three Kingdoms Period, the country is picturesque. From the southern forest, to the vast desert, to the snow-capped mountains, you can play here. Sometimes landmarks and wonders such as the Great Wall and the Yangtze River are even more breathtaking. At this moment, the world is in turmoil, and when the world is restored, it is possible to visit the past and explore the present and explore the world.

Legend of the world

From the legendary masterpiece “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, select twelve lords and kings of the world. Whether it is a warrior general, a powerful warrior, or a country-ruling wizard, they have their own unique gameplay and goals. The army manages states and counties, governs the country and strengthens its own rule. The characters are the core of this work, and the world is in the hands of heroes.

Relationship mechanism

Relationship is a kind of dynamic connection concept in China. There is a basis. The adaptation of “Total War: Three Kingdoms” has shaped the collective image of legendary heroes and their relationships. They can determine the general trend of the world. Each character has its own unique personality, motivation and likes and dislikes. They also have their own likes and dislikes, which determines the direction of your script.

The essence of art

The visual effect of this work is excellent, and the martial arts fight is fierce, which can be described as the art of war. Coupled with the beautiful user interface, the shocking scenes, and the authentic Chinese style art, the reshaped ancient China in this work can be described as a visual feast

Responding to urgent needs

The combination of turn-based battles and real-time combat in Total War: Three Kingdoms is more fluid than before. The performance in the battle will have a variety of effects, will affect the relationship between the hero and you, but also affect the relationship between their friends and enemies with other characters. Now strong support is also the key to victory, which also provides a new element of victory.

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