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Timer Utility

Timer Utility 5 1.0.1

Timer Utility mac cracked apps – is an all-in-one timing tool that brings alarms, timers, and stopwatches to Mac. We take further action to create powerful workflows tailored to your preferences.

Timer Utility Features:


Set a time, choose the day or days of the week, and you are done. Create as many alerts as you need. It’s that simple.


Creating a high-precision stopwatch is very fast. Choose the desired accuracy or accuracy setting to meet your needs. You can create multiple concurrent stopwatches without sacrificing performance or system resources.


Creating a timer is simple and intuitive. You can create other timers and link them together to create workflows or customize timing sequences.

Do more through action.

Take your alarm clock, timer and stopwatch to the next level.

Use actions to create powerful workflows

Actions are complementary to alarms that trigger the execution of custom functions, timers or stopwatches. You can specify when an action is triggered and what happens.

Show notification

Displays system alert notifications with optional messages and sounds. Integrate with the notification center in Mac for a familiar experience.

Link alarm, timer or stopwatch

We like this. Choose to start, pause or reset another alarm, timer or stopwatch. This allows you to create your own workflow or timing. Powerful stuff!

Splash screen

This is cool. Use the color overlay of your choice to quickly flash the screen display. Ideal for attracting your attention without the need for alarms or sounds.

And more…!

Timer Utility 5 has more actions to choose from. We are just beginning to explore various possibilities. We will continue to add operations to make Timer Utility 5 as good as possible.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

Timer Utility

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