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Things 3.15.8

Things mac cracked apps – is a file management tool on the MAC OS platform, To help organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Things for Mac combines powerful functions with a simple user interface, and works better for you by using tags and smart filter bars.


Simple and easy to use.

You will immediately notice that all the features in this app are so perfectly blended together, giving you a neat and focused experience. No unnecessary ringtones and whistles, as well as checker windows and pop-up dialogs. Only you and your to-do list.

Everything is centered around your to-do items.

The to-do list in Things is special. In the list, they display check boxes and titles in the most compact form. But when you unfold them, they will turn into a beautiful white paper with all kinds of things you want to do-and if you need, you can also include your checklist, labels, reminders and deadlines.

Some cool features.

For example “view by type”-this is a great way to browse the list and find to-do items. Or a natural language date parser-just enter “tomorrow”, “4 days later” or “next Wednesday” and you will jump to all correct results.

A well-made macOS application.

Things is fully integrated with all macOS technologies: Touch Bar, Today widget, Sharing extension, Handoff, Calendar, Reminders and AppleScript. It may also include several technologies that we forgot to list.

There are countless great features.

Everyone has their favorite features, it is impossible to list them all.

Mac cracked apps

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