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The Signal From Tolva

The Signal From Tolva 1.0.65

The Signal From Tolva mac cracked apps – The Signal From Tolva – In the adventure shooter The Signal From Tölva, the player will investigate a signal that originated from an unknown planet. The main character became interested in this message, and now he has to explore the environment and face enemies. Actions take place in the distant future, humanity has colonised other worlds, and some of them are inhabited only by robotic creatures.

The Signal From Tolva

Explore the open game world and complete both story and side quests. Throughout the location there are many secret places and side characters who will tell a piece of the plot, or ask for help for a reward.

The player is able to upgrade the main character with new equipment and weapons. All guns are also subject to upgrades and minor improvements. Gather your own team of robots fighting on the side of the protagonist. They can be improved and purchased in special stores, having the necessary materials and resources. -The Signal From Tolva

Steal the drone and go investigate the strange signal. Travel through the mountains of Telva in this sci-fi shooter. Fight alien races, gather your own squad and find the signal coming from nowhere. Find out if the path will lead to enlightenment or something more sinister? -The Signal From Tolva

Key features of the game:

A unique shooter set in alien landscapes.

Participate in battles for territory with aggressive and powerful AI.

Hire unique robots fighting for the main character.

Use plasma shields, electronic traps and laser weapons in intense firefights. -The Signal From Tolva

Key Features
  • Explore a single-player shooter set in a weird, sprawling, tranquil alien landscape.
  • Fight a war of territory control against dynamic and ferocious AI.
  • Recruit allied robots to fight alongside you.
  • Equip electronic countermeasures, plasma shields, and savage beam weapons for intense skirmishing.
  • Unlock the secrets of the signal and enjoy the rich, complex fiction behind the Tölva universe with our free PDF lorebook.
  • Delve into science fiction mystery as you investigate the haunting highlands of Tölva.The Story So FarIn the distant future, star-faring robotic factions sift through the ruins of an ancient civilisation. On the highlands of Tölva, beneath the shadow of abandoned war machines, they found something. -The Signal From Tolva

    Was it the source of the signal you were so interested in? And will the trail lead to enlightenment, or something more sinister? You hijack a drone and you begin the search for yourself.

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