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The Long Dark

The Long Dark 1.97

The Long Dark-Long Long Night mac cracked app – The Long Dark is A thought-provoking exploration and survival game. In the game, players need to explore the huge wilderness ice field after the geomagnetic disaster. They must think independently and find a way out. There are no zombies in the game, only you, the cold and all the cruel environments in nature. Welcome to the silent apocalypse. – The Long Dark

The Long Dark content:

Survival mode

Survival mode is a free-form, non-narrative survival sandbox, which has been carefully polished for nearly three years in the Early Access stage.

Isolate and helpless! The game only provides information to players, not answers. Players need to think independently and must fight for the right to survive.

Permanent death! In survival mode, death will delete the archive, and every decision you make is crucial. [Note: Permanent death is invalid in WINTERMUTE. ]

Physical condition and calories: While striving to balance resources and the energy consumed to obtain resources, monitor your own hunger, thirst, fatigue and body temperature. Your every action consumes calories, and time is the most precious resource. Take every step carefully.

The Long Dark

Search the world for supplies: The game contains more than 100 equipment items, including tools, light sources, weapons, first aid supplies, clothing, etc.

A vast and lifelike world: Explore the 50-square-kilometer northern wilderness of Canada, looking for valuable supplies. Cold winter days, dynamic time, weather, wild animals, etc., everything is full of randomness, making survival more challenging.

Survival of the fittest: hunting, fishing, traps, climbing, maps, searching for food and equipment to survive, trying to avoid deadly hostile wild animals, overcoming hypothermia, frostbite, and dysentery (and other kinds of Discomfort), find and maintain equipment that can save your life.

Hunters and prey: wolves, bears, rabbits, deer, and crows are not only your prey, but they will also turn you into their mouth food. More types of wild animals will appear in future updates.

The Long Dark

Choose your experience: Four unique experience modes allow you to choose the appropriate challenge level – for example, in the “pilgrim” mode, the world is quiet and gloomy; but in the “invader” mode, there is only the most Only experienced survivors have a chance to survive a week.

In survival mode, survival is your only goal, and death is your only end. Come on, in each game, deduce your own survival story.

Music producer: Sascha Dikiciy​​an.

The Long Dark


The challenge mode contains several independent challenge levels, providing a goal-oriented experience. Each of these levels takes about 1-3 hours. Among them, “white snow”-race against time, collect sufficient supplies to meet the torrential snowstorm; and “prey”-you need to avoid a brutal Bear. Completing these challenges can unlock various abilities and provide long-term gains for survival mode. The official version is released with 5 challenge levels, and will continue to be updated and added in the future.

Future updates

In addition to the remaining three chapters of WINTERMUTE, we will continue to uphold the momentum of nearly a hundred updates/fixes in the past three years of Early Access, and continue to update the survival mode. The “Long Night” you bought contains all five chapters of WINTERMUTE and updates to survival mode.

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