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The Iron Oath 0.5.147 (55984)

In The Iron Oath mac cracked apps – we manage a group of mercenaries. Fighters can be recruited and retired. Over time, the characters get older. The world, divided into five biomes, is also gradually changing. Not all warriors will live to a ripe old age. Many of them are destined to die in battles.

The Iron Oath

The combat system in The Iron Oath is turn-based and with an emphasis on tactics. On the battlefield, in addition to enemies, there are also traps. Some objects are allowed to be destroyed. During the fights, you need to use the strengths of your wards, as well as their skills. Gradually, the members of the squad are pumped and even change character traits. Each gang member has a backstory. Their personalities influence communication among themselves. As the level increases, there will be opportunities to customize classes and create builds.

The setting here is medieval. The passage lasts hundreds of game years. During this time, factions appear and disappear, cities are rebuilt, captured and destroyed, new settlements are created, etc. By the end of the adventure, the global map will be very different from its original form. The squad we manage completes contracts, earns money, gains reputation. You have to fight with people, predatory animals and monsters. Often you will be asked to make a choice. Decisions will have an impact on the world, the organization itself and the battle brothers.

Command, endure, and prosper in The Iron Oath, a turn-based tactical RPG where the fate of your mercenary company rests on your decisions. As the leader of a band of soldiers-for-hire in the harsh realm of Caelum, you’ll need to hire recruits, manage your operations wisely, and embark on perilous missions in order to survive, thrive, and build your company’s renown.

As the years progress, the world of Caelum evolves dynamically, opening up new storylines for you to discover and making each new playthrough unpredictable and unique. What fortunes await your company?

High-stakes tactical combat

Proper planning and execution is vital to your success. Deadly foes, traps, and destructible objects mean one misstep could be your party’s undoing.

The cold march of time

Years pass as you navigate the world. Your mercs will age, retire, and die over the decades, and your company—and strategy—will need to adapt to the shifting tides.

An ever-evolving overworld

Caelum is a sprawling, always changing realm. Cities fall and rise again as the Noble Houses vie for power, leading to new opportunities and unexpected perils.

Control your company’s destiny

Manage your guild’s roster, finances, and political relationships. Earn wealth and renown by completing contracts for Caelum’s vying factions, and invest in upgrading your organization.

Forge your team

An iron chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Assemble a well-rounded crew of warriors, rogues, and spellcasters. Build up their power, customize and complement their abilities, and become a force to be reckoned with.

Lead wisely, die foolishly

You’ll face difficult decisions, and the path you follow won’t always be popular. Your choices bear consequences that will alter the fates of your mercs, your company, and all of Caelum.

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