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The Final Station

The Final Station 1.5.19784

The Final Station mac cracked apps – With a thousand-ton locomotive at your disposal, you will always have an advantage over the hordes of infected. This is The Final Station. However, the real question is, will you help the survivors reach their destination… or will you let them die in order to search their corpses? Sometimes people can cause a lot of problems and are not worth the effort and resources spent on them.

The Final Station

-A post-apocalyptic adventure about traveling through a dying world by train!

-Find food and ammo

-Infected are waiting for you around every corner at abandoned stations

-Keep your train running, craft useful things through the crafting system

-Don’t expect to kill the infected easily – your ammo and health are limited, play smart

-Rescue survivors and earn rewards for successfully getting them to their destination (or let them die of injury or starvation, saving your resources)

-Upgrade your weapons with food collected at the stations

mac cracked apps

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