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TextFridge 1.2.2

TextFridge mac cracked apps – TextFridge is a program that allows you to store A lot of text that often needs to be written. (Store up to 150 texts) The interface is minimalist and user-friendly.


1. The basic usage is very simple: drag text from anywhere to a line, and drag text from a line to any place.

2. Of course, there are many other functions available: add title to the line, select color, move color, lock color, drag and drop text from macOS clipboard to MacOS clipboard, etc…

3. Keep always available: You can choose to make the main window permanently visible or only visible when you hold down the key combination.

4. Import/Export Data: Easily export TextFridge data (for example, export to “iCloud Drive” or “Dropbox”), and then import it to another Mac. (No automatic synchronization) Data can be imported from TextOnTrays.

French English Triangle TextFridge
a great location to keep your frequently used texts
Icon TextFridge is a tiny tool that enables you to store a large number of texts that you frequently need to write (up to 150 texts).
Its simplistic UI makes it simple to use (just drag and drop).

version 1.3.1 adds

The keyboard shortcut keys (by default, and ) can now be changed.
bug fixes
improvement in “Use dark menu bar and dock” compatibility (macOS 10.10 to 10.13)
When the data file appears to be corrupt, restart the application…
view the revision history

What it does

The most straightforward application is:
Texts can be added to a TextFridge line by dragging them from anywhere, and vice versa.
Primary Window
Naturally, there are numerous additional functions offered by the icons at the base of the main window, contextual menus, or the Edition Window of a line or of a color while it is active.
Window Edition
Giving a line a title, selecting its color, moving it, locking a color, dragging texts from/to the macOS clipboard, etc.
Check out TextFridge Help’s comprehensive list of features.
Keep Textfridge accessible at all times.
Set the main window’s visibility to be visible, hidden, or only visible while holding down a key combination.
Image visibility window
Store up to 25 texts in each color for a total of 150 texts.
To purchase TextFridge for less than one dollar, simply click the button below.
Mac App Store Icône

system prerequisites

OS X 10.10 or later.


Help for Display TextFridge (included in the application).

various applications

View the VoicePicker Icône VoicePicker website.
The macOS speech synthesizer’s use is made easier by VoicePicker.


Write to [email protected] with any inquiries, concerns, or recommendations.

Guy Marandon is the author. All rights reserved. Language: English MP4 File 212.0 KB W3C Validated

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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