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Tetraface Inc Metasequoia

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia 4.7.5a

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia mac cracked app – Metasequoia Modeling Mac The version software is based on polygon modeling to create three-dimensional shape data using CAD and 3DCG modeling software, such as games. Emphasizing efficiency and data portability, it can be used in a wide range, from hobby to business, supporting mainstream model formats.

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia Function introduction:

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia For Mac is a professional 3D model modeling software. Three-dimensional model design, especially the creation of human or animal characters, requires certain knowledge in this area. The most important thing is that a set of The right tool for this job.

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia For those who use various professional software solutions to make some 3D creations and need to work without having to install each program again, a utility tool like Metasequoia may be the right choice.

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia This application manages to provide a powerful set of features and make it usable from a very friendly interface. There are several modes of operating Metasequoia, namely beginner, modeling (string), modeling (icon) and drawing.

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia Powerful modeling function

Tetraface Inc Metasequoia Mizuki has basic polygon editing functions. It also has functions to help with more elaborate processing.

N-gon (more than 5 points on the face)

You can make a polygon with 5 or more points. You can easily add edges (divide faces) or erase edges (merge faces).


With [Armature], you can create an object shape along the center line. You can create objects by specifying only the center line and line width. This feature will reduce the time to create objects. You can also edit the generated objects in more detail through the modeling function.

Bone and Morph

Set [Bone], the object can be linked to the deformation of the bone. [Morph] is a function of sliding vertices. You can create things like facial expressions. Bone and Morph settings can be exported to the corresponding file format, FBX or PMD.

Measurement (only Metasequoia 4 EX)

You can measure the size of the object. This function is used for commercial use or 3D printer output.

View organization

You can display units such as millimeters or inches on the screen. In addition, the unit can be used to input numerical values.

Measure length, angle and thickness

You can measure the distance, angle and thickness of any location. Immediately displays changes in value related to object movement or deformation.

UV editing

[UV editing] function has been greatly improved. New features; automatic unpacking, splitting or stitching, etc. UV editing is more efficient.


OpenSubdiv; Pixar’s subdivision surface; now supported. By setting the weights to vertices or straight lines, the edges of the object can be generated. Moreover, the UV distortion of the texture you get is less. If you export OpenSubdiv objects to FBX files, you can transfer shape data between compatible software.

Environmental occlusion (Metasequoia 4 EX only)

Environmental occlusion darkens hidden parts and brightens open parts. This result is exported to vertex colors, and you can check the object from any direction.

Support RenderMan

You can get high-quality rendered images through RenderMan’s Metasequoia 4.

Import and export

Mizuki supports third-party 3DCG software in several file formats. You can use most 3DCG software to transfer files to each other.

When importing or exporting, Metasequoia will support the conversion of coordinate axes, and reverse the surface direction, and specify the magnification. It will resolve the differences in each software.

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