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TDR VOS SlickEQ GE 1.3.7

TDR VOS SlickEQ GE mac cracked apps – TDR VOS SlickEQ – Gentleman’s Edition takes SlickEQ‘s concept to new heights and adds an exotic Tilt-filter flanked by flexible low-pass and high-pass filters. Five distinct EQ models provide a rich set of predefined EQ curves and behaviors for the three main semi parametric filter bands. – TDR VOS SlickEQ GE

SlickEQ GE offers a switchable EQ non-linearity and eight different output stages. These options offer subtle and interesting textures, from the typical “mojo” often associated with high quality analogue audio gear, up to more obvious saturation. – TDR VOS SlickEQ GE


An elaborate auto gain option automatically compensates for changes of perceived-loudness during EQ. The 64bit multi-rate processing scheme (a.k.a. “internal re-sampling”) practically eliminates typical problems of digital EQ implementations such as frequency-warping, quantization distortion and aliasing.

Beside the primary controls, the plug-in comes with an array of additional helpers: Advanced preset management, a frequency magnitude plot, undo/redo, quick A/B comparison, copy & paste, an online help, editable labels, mouse-wheel support and much more. Finally, SlickEQ GE allows to exclusively process the stereo sum or stereo difference without external sum/difference encoding (see “M/S” microphony). – TDR VOS SlickEQ GE

Key specs and features▬ Three semi-parametric filter bands, each with two shape options▬ Five distinct EQ models: American, British, German, Soviet and Japanese▬ Low band offers an optional phase-lag able to delay low frequencies relative to higher frequencies▬ High pass filter with optional “Bump” mode▬ Low pass filter with two different slopes (6dB/Oct and 12dB/Oct)▬ Parametric Tilt filter with optional “V” mode.▬ Eight output stages: Linear, Silky, Mellow, Deep, Excited, Toasted, Funky and Seven▬ Smart Operations: Match Pink, Match reference, De-resonate Auto HP/LP and more.▬ Highly effective loudness compensated auto gain control▬ Frequency magnitude response display including a realtime analyzer▬ Stereo, mono, left, right and sum/difference (mid/side) processing options. Dual Mono mode imposing randomized tolerances▬ 64bit “delta” multi-rate structure


Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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