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Tannenberg mac cracked apps – The massive battles of the Eastern Front of World War I come to life in Tannenberg, with 64 players battling critical sectors of the battlefield, each with a distinct strategic advantage. A fresh look at the war between the Russian Empire and Germany, as well as the allies of each of the parties, will be of interest to lovers of first-person shooters and connoisseurs of history.


The game features six squads, over 50 weapons, six large maps for tactical scope, and a 64-player game mode with full AI bot support, allowing you to be in the epic battlefield at any time! All of this is recreated with the same attention to detail as the first game in the WW1 Game Series, Verdun.

The events of this historical game unfold among the lakes, forests, mountains and snowy plains of the Eastern Front. It was inspired by the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914, one of the most famous “cauldrons” in history. Players will have to master a large set of accurately reproduced types of military equipment that Russian front-line soldiers and Cossacks or Romanians go into battle with, or fight on the side of the Central Powers as part of the Austro-Hungarian detachments, German infantry or units of the Bulgarian army.

Tannenberg is played in several modes, including exciting maneuverable battles that reflect the nature of the war on the Eastern Front: 64 players fight on large maps with constantly changing lines and objectives. Where others die, survive by joining forces with four-man squadmates and using your special skills. The game features many historically accurate elements: realistic weapons of the First World War, authentic uniforms, nightmarish blood flows, as well as maps based on real battlefields.

Among the key features of the game “Tannenberg”:

Authentic atmosphere of the First World War: accuracy in everything from maps and weapons to military uniforms.

Tactical squad first-person shooter: you can play as Russians, Romanians, Austro-Hungarians, Germans and Bulgarians.

The expanses of the Eastern Front: large maps with a variety of weather conditions from snow to summer sun.

Mobile battle mode for 64 players: capture strategic sectors during epic battles with high troop mobility.

You’re Not Alone: ​​Squad gameplay and bots in maneuverable battles that allow huge battles to start at any moment.

Eastern Front of the First World War -Tannenberg

On the Eastern Front, battles are going on with the use of all forces and resources! Here you will have to master a variety of weapons – from artillery salvos and poison gases to deadly heavy machine guns and rifles that accurately hit the target. The battlefield is a dangerous place, and in order to survive here, you need to think carefully – calculate every shot, not lose your vigilance and always be ready for furious hand-to-hand combat.

The Mobile Battles mode captures the essence of Eastern Front battles with 64 players, large open maps, and the ability to freely select sectors to attack and defend. The main thing – do not let the enemy go around and surround you before you do it yourself!

Authentic reproduction of World War I

There are currently two games in the WW1 Game Series – “Tannenberg” and “Verdun” (the latter takes place on the Western Front). In these authentic shooters set in the history of the First World War, players will have to choose units of various specializations and fight for dominance on changing fronts.

Here we recreate the atmosphere of the Eastern Front with the same precision as in the game “Verdun”. Extensive research has been carried out, we have reproduced military uniforms and weapons in great detail from existing samples. The maps feature realistic props, and the landscapes are based on authentic examples of terrain from the wooded hills of Galicia to a Polish village destroyed during the retreat. -Tannenberg

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