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Tampermonkey 4.17.6162

Tampermonkey mac cracked apps – is a browser extension and the most popular user script manager, it works with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next and Firefox. Although some supported browsers have native user script support, will provide more convenience in your user script management. It provides a convenient script installation, automatic update check, a quick overview of the script running status in the label, a built-in editor and many other functions. At the same time, may also run normally incompatible scripts.

Tampermonkey function:

Convenient script management

makes it very easy to manage your user scripts. icon at the top right shows the number of running scripts. These icons can see the running scripts and the scripts that may be running on this page.

Script overview

The Tampermonkey overview clearly shows all installed scripts. You can see when they were last updated, if they have their own homepage, you can also categorize them and other more functions…

Set diversity

You can choose between three different levels for the settings page. Infrequent options will be hidden, simplifying the page in this way.

Automatic script update

You can set the check and update frequency of the script. No more cracks due to outdated scripts.


Only paranoia can survive! Blacklist all sites that should not use scripts.


Many user scripts written for the Firefox User Script Manager are called Greasemonkey (<= 3.x), which is why Tampermonkey provides a compatibility layer and automatically detects supporting settings.

CodeMirror editor

You need to develop and edit a script? no problem! Tampermonkey provides an embedded editor.

JSHint syntax check

Your script cannot run? Tampermonkey’s grammar check may help you find the problem.

Rapid development

Tampermonkey’s editor is great, and you have your own editor, which is better again… The solution is to enable “Allow access to file URLs”, and then you can call your local copy of your script via @require.

Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor
Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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