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Tagr 5.5.1

Tagr mac cracked app, Tagr is a handy audio metadata editor which allows you to edit music information, including artist name, song name, music cover, etc. We can easily control our meta tag editing of music files Mode, renaming, numbering, capitalisation, etc., a handy music meta tag editing management tool.


Various file formats

supports standard MP3 (ID3 v1, v2.3 and v2.4), M4A/M4B (AAC and ALAC codecs), FLAC and AIFF files.

Modern user interface

provides an intuitive user interface based on the latest Mac OS technology, which has everything you expect from a good Mac application, including time-saving such as worthy support, quick viewing, etc.

Embedded artwork

A little-known feature of music files is that you can embed artwork directly in them. In this way you will never lose your work again. On the song, save it to disk, and you’re done!

Discogs search

If you don’t want to manually enter a song, what’s the best way to add or remove tags to a song? Search it! Use Tagr to query any number of keywords and retrieve matching results from, browse them in the cover viewer, and finally add tags and artwork to the expanded song.


It can be very disturbing to look at your songs and see that they are all different. Tagr supports uppercase, lowercase and title case schemes (and comes with a New York Times Style Manual).


Manually numbering multiple songs can be tedious, especially if you use serial numbers to sort files in the file system or your favorite media player, or you just want to compare the number of songs in the album with the tracking number . In Tagr, you can easily assign numbering numbers to segments by selecting one of the available numbering modes. Tagr will do the rest.

File naming

Tagr will be very useful if you manually organize files on the file system. It allows you to choose from predefined or custom naming patterns, which will automatically be derived from other information (such as tag number, artist and/or title) Get the file name in.

One piece

Once you are satisfied with the numbering, capitalization, and file naming settings, you will want to use them throughout the editing process. Tagr saves you unnecessary clicks by providing a single integrated function, and all these settings can be applied with one click.

Extract tags

Sometimes, the only accurate source of information is the file name itself: tags are not maintained, and online searches produce no results. Tagr makes you satisfied. Just define the tags extracted from the file name and let Tagr do the work.

iTunes integration

Benefit from closed integration with iTunes. Drag the files from iTunes to Tagr, edit them, and finally add the updated files back to iTunes in just one click.

Tagr is an application that helps you organize your music collection. With Tagr you can easily edit information such as a song’s artist, title, or album cover. Tagr also allows you to control the way your files are named, numbered, and capitalized. There is no more need for having other tools dictate that for you!

• Edit meta data of individual MP3, M4A/M4B, and FLAC files or
• Edit a list of files in bulk
• Supported tags: track number/count, title, artist, album artist, composer, album, disc number/count, genre, year, comment, compilation
• MP3 ID3 versions: v1, v2.3, and v2.4
• Embed cover art into your songs
• Apply uppercase, lowercase, and title case capitalization schemes
• Automatically generate track numbers
• Choose from predefined file naming schemes or define your own
• Extract tags from the file name using predefined or custom patterns
• Search for album information and copy it to your songs
• Listen to songs through QuickLook
• Customize Tagr to your needsRelease Notes

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later

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