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TablePlus 3.11.0

TablePlus mac cracked apps – is a native application for managing and developing databases on the macOS platform. It can help you easily edit the data and structure in the database. TablePlus for Mac also includes many security features to better protect your data, including using local libssh and TLS to encrypt your connection.

TablePlus Features:

Native, light and fast

With its native build, simple design, and powerful features, TablePlus makes it easier, faster, and more efficient for database management.

Native, fast and safe

Use native applications that can run as fast as Lambo to easily query, edit, and manage the database.

Best database security

It is equipped with many security features to protect your database, including multi-step verification support, native libssh and TLS to encrypt your connection.

Customizable appearance

Need a dark theme? You don’t need to go to Mojave, TablePlus has everything. You can customize the appearance and configuration that best suits your personal taste.

Intuitive GUI client

Browse, query, edit data and database structure in a simple and clean spreadsheet format editor.

Inline editing

Just click to edit data rows, table structure or query results directly.

Advanced filters

Use multiple advanced filters to quickly view the required records.

Code review and security model

Always control what you change in the database.

Export and import database

Do I need to migrate the database to another server?

Export and import of SQL Dump will be completed immediately.

Open anything

Quickly jump to tables, schemas, databases, views, functions, and anything in your connection.

Multiple tabs and windows

Use multiple databases or connections at the same time? not a problem.

Smart query editor

We have built the best practices of the SQL editor as default values ​​to help you improve your work efficiency.

Instant auto-fill function

Highlight syntax

Split pane

SQL query reformatting

Favorites and history

Streaming results

Every detail is elegant

Clean and focused

We don’t want to be an application that does a lot of things, but we haven’t mastered it. We only focus on the most important functions.

high performance

The native application eliminates unnecessary complexity and extraneous details, so you can get up and running quickly.

Shortcut keys are available

Each function has a shortcut key to keep your hand on the keyboard.

Always improving

You will always find some cool things in the new updates released every week. In the past year, we have released more than 1,000 improvement measures.

Quick support

We help you solve TablePlus problems at a very fast speed.

Unlimited scalability (beta testing)

Use your own plugin or more and more community plugins (JavaScript) to add functionality to TablePlus. (Currently in beta.)

Mac cracked apps

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