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TableEdit Pro

TableEdit Pro 1.4.6

TableEdit Pro mac cracked apps is a simple, clean and elegant spreadsheet application. TableEdit has a simple and intuitive interface, and has convenient functions, such as formulas, charts and detailed cell style options and comprehensive import and export options.

TableEdit Pro Features:

Intuitive user interface:

TableEdit is fundamentally designed as a simple and fast but convenient spreadsheet. Browsing and selecting works is the same as the expected effect in Mac native applications, and keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys have their expected standard meanings. The defining element of the interface is the toolbar, which provides access to the most commonly used options and the “Main Unit Editor”. The main cell editor always displays unmodified cell contents through formatting options or formula results. The main cell editor also provides a convenient access to the calculation of commonly used functions inserted into the currently selected cell.

Cell style:

You can easily choose the background color and define cell border options. There are also detailed text settings, including color, font and alignment. Alternating row background colors are also supported globally or on a per spreadsheet basis. All these options can be easily accessed directly from the toolbar.

Cell formatting:

TableEdit has many options to control how cell content is displayed in the table. You can choose a customizable date and time format. More options are available for number display-you can control the number of digits, separators, choose scientific or currency display. Alternatively, you can go all the way and use free-form “custom” representations to represent numbers.

Function / Formula:

Our world-class Excel-compatible formula implementation has been tested on more than one million formulas and uses the most complex and imaginable formulas. In the formula system, there are more than one hundred most commonly used Excel functions available. In many cases, you just import an excel file and the formula will continue and work as expected. Please note that only basic functions like ‘SUM’ can be used in the basic version of TableEdit, and advanced functions need to be upgraded to ‘TableEdit Pro’ through in-app purchases.

Chart / Graph:

Support different charts and graphs to display data. You can currently choose from pie charts, bar charts, and line charts, and define colors, styles, and various options. You can freely move the chart around the document and export it directly to PDF. Please note that only basic bar charts are available in the basic version of TableEdit, and advanced charts need to be purchased and upgraded to “TableEdit Pro” in the application.

Import and export:

You can quickly import CSV and Excel files by dragging and dropping, or you can use the import panel to select more options, such as separators or encoding. Exporting to Excel (traditional or XML) is also just a click away.

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Mac cracked apps screenshot:

TableEdit Pro

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