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system eye

system-eye 1.2.35

system-eye mac cracked app – Real-time sound system tuning, optimisation and diagnostics tool for your Mac. Performs Dual FFT Frequency Response measurement using your audio interface as input.


System-eye is a dual – channel FFT audio analyser. It allows You to measure the Transfer Function of the sound system under test by comparison of reference signal and signal produced by sending the reference through system under test, so called, measurement signal, in frequency domain.

It was designed to be very simple and lightweight, supplying the core needs of experienced system engineer, without an overkill of well – known alternatives.

It supports one measurement channel pair at a time, and so far cannot do such advanced stuff as Live average. It doesn’t do SPL/calibration whatsoever.

What is does is Transfer Function (Frequency Response) part. Including coherence for measurement validity assessment, IR graph to see time data, and a set of averaging and smoothing capabilities to get You understanding your system in minutes.

Audio Input connectionUse external auido interface, input 1 – measurement mic, input 2 – reference signal. Select correct audio interface in Preferences; Send the same reference signal to input 2 and to measured system (use wire split). Use level indicator in the left bottom corner to make sure you get two distinct signals on reference and measurement channels.

AutoDelayUse AutioDelay button to turn on automatical delay detection between mic and reference. Without proper delay detection the measurement will be incorrect. Once you capture a trace of your measurement, Delta Delay reading becomes visible.

System-eye is equipped with pink noise generator that can be used as a reference signal.

Captured tracesYou can capture traces of Your measurement for future reference. Traces are stored in Trace Manager. You can open Trace manager using T keystroke, or using menu View -> Trace Manager. You can hide/show traces, change name and color and delete them.

Signal GeneratorYou can use built-in signal generator to generate pink noise as a stimulus for measurement. Use G keystroke to toggle it on /off. Go to settings to adjust level and destination output device.

Start/stop analysis using S keystroke, L to show/hide live trace, I, P and C to show/hide Impulse response, Phase and Coherence plots respectively.

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

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