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SyncTime 3.7.3

SyncTime mac cracked apps – is a file synchronization software. It is the simplest solution for synchronizing files. You can easily keep all the latest backup copies through SyncTime, distributed on many devices.

SyncTime Software function:

  1. Among the possible options, you will find:

Four overwriting strategies: don’t touch the files that already exist on the target, overwrite only when the source file is newer than the target file, overwrite or always overwrite if the source file has a different time stamp

Three types of synchronization: one-way synchronization (default), two-way synchronization (merging source and target) and one-way movement (deleting the source file after successfully transferring to the target). Please read carefully about these synchronization types in the “Help” section of the SyncTime website

Delete files that no longer exist in the source

Background synchronization: Real-time monitoring of changes, so that the destination is always up to date

Start the synchronization automatically when the source and target are available, or once a day, a week or a month

Each sync project can depend on other sync projects: it will trigger dependencies and run automatically after they are all completed

Files will be overwritten or deleted files can be moved to the recycle bin or custom backup directory

Exclude hidden files, files whose names contain specific words or match regular expressions, and selected files. Or exclude the root directory and only specify some included files.

  1. Other functions include:

Changes must be confirmed by default, you can check the files to be added, overwritten and deleted, and preview them in QuickLook

Cancel a running synchronization at any time and restart it later

Synchronous parallel operation

Automatic login can be enabled from the status bar menu

Your Mac can be automatically set to sleep or shut down after all synchronization is completed (you need to install the corresponding Applescript in the Scripts directory.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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