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SyncSettings 1.2.4

SyncSettings mac cracked apps is a data backup synchronization tool that packs your preferences into a ssbackup file. Therefore, you can keep the data locally or store it in the cloud. In this way, all your computers will always have access to the same data.

SyncSettings function:

  1. Backup

“Backup” saves the settings of the application to a backup file.

  1. Installation

“Install” copies the settings from the backup file to the application.

  1. Synchronization

“Sync” updates the latest settings of your applications and backup files.

  1. All settings are in one folder

You don’t need to manually set application preferences on every computer and every update. Your preferences will be saved to a file that can be stored and synchronized in the cloud

  1. Sync preferences

We include a comment editor that allows you to write comments about the installation process. In addition, you can define your own files and it will back up and synchronize them seamlessly.

  1. Preferences for synchronizing executable files
  2. Synchronize custom files and directories
  3. Sync notes on how to set up your Mac

Keep the data locally or store it in the cloud.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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