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Sync Folders Pro

Sync Folders Pro 4.2

Sync Folders pro mac cracked apps – Sync Folders Pro is a The most important feature of this folder synchronization tool on Mac is that it is easy to use. It supports timely synchronization, scheduled synchronization and manual synchronization. It also supports file filtering. In addition to local disks, it also supports external storage and network such as mobile hard drives and U disks. Storage, very good!

Sync Folders Pro introduction:

Sync Folders Pro has been formulated with a dual purpose in mind: for ease of use, it is suitable for beginners, and it also provides the ability to fine-tune synchronization settings for the most demanding professionals.

Sync Folders Pro has been specially optimized to handle very large files and data sources, reliable and effective.

Sit down, relax, your data is automatically synchronized!

Sync Folders Pro is the perfect destination to back up all media, including:

USB memory card, remote computer disk on your network, folder cloud service (Dropbox, etc.).

Sync Folders Pro is the real and only two-way synchronization application, you will need it!

Is there a problem?

Please watch our very useful video tutorial Sync Folder Pro on

For beginners

Select 2 folder synchronization.

Set the synchronization mode, or use the default mode.

You don’t need to worry about other parameters, set as recommended.

Click “Sync current tasks” and your folder will be synchronized! For business

Use the “real-time synchronization” mode to establish an instant file synchronization between your employees.

Your employees always work with the latest version of the document.

This mode allows you to synchronize files in folders immediately.

It works for 10.8 and later.

For professionals

9Sync mode.

4 The comparison mode allows to synchronize files on different file systems (OS X, FAT32, etc.).

You can convert convenient file manager applications to copy files and folders using powerful filters and write your own scripts.

Sync through the network.

Sync before automatically mounting network folders.

Disconnect the network folder after synchronization.

Protect unauthorized disconnection of drives (folders) during synchronization.

Save the last/all versions of files to delete.

Using this mode, you are insured against accidentally deleted files, and you can always recover deleted files, even if you re-sync several times.

Quick view of the latest changes in sync-folders and instrument integration.

Synchronize subfolder attributes.

Display the synchronization status in the menu bar (automatic synchronization mode, synchronization execution, number of synchronization folders, synchronization errors or synchronization folders not available).

Write your own script for copying files, for example:

Copy all synchronized files to the folder selected before copying.

Verify the copy of the checksum file.

Use Unix commands to copy files: cp, rsync, etc.

The main difference between similar apps is on the App Store:

You can try the free version before buying. We do not hide your quality, speed and stable application.

True two-way synchronization. Track the changes of deleting and adding Sync-Folders.

Faster synchronization The number of unsynchronized files exceeds 50,000.

“Real-time synchronization” mode.

The menu bar for 4 status synchronization.

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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