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SwitchHosts mac cracked apps – is a tool to help users quickly A tool to switch the hosts file, it can help you quickly and easily create a personal dedicated network environment, supports both local and online methods, and supports import and export. – SwitchHosts

SwitchHosts function:

1. In daily development work, we may often need to switch various host bindings. For example, when developing locally, we may need a host binding solution for the development environment. After publishing to the test environment, there is another host binding for the test environment. Solution, and then there may be a pre-release environment, and finally may be the real online environment. – SwitchHosts

During the local development process, there may also be multiple groups of different hosts that need to be bound, such as the front-end development environment, the development environment corresponding to the database… As a result, we often need to switch between bindings of various hosts, which will take a lot of time, and the process is not fun at all.

2. This tool is developed using Python + wxPython, so it can run on Windows / Linux / Mac. However, because they are not familiar with the packaging and compilation of Python under Linux and Mac, only binary executable file download under Windows is currently provided. Linux and Mac users can directly run the source code after configuring the environment (Python / wxPython / chardet).

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

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