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Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D 6.4.3

Sweet home 3d mac cracked apps – is a Mac graphic design software on the Mac os platform that helps designers design interior decoration. Sweet home 3d for mac is a free interior design software that can help you design through a two-dimensional home floor plan. And to arrange your furniture, you can also preview the entire layout of the whole decoration with 3D perspective.

Sweet Home 3D Features:

Sweet Home 3D is a set of such software, which is precisely aimed at professional interior decorators, or other players who want to locate their own styling to complete it. It can help you design through a two-dimensional home floor plan and if you have a ready-made floor plan of the house, you can import it as the floor plan background in the software, and directly lay out the wall according to the existing content on the drawing after setting the scale body. Any changes you make to the floor plan will be displayed in 3D in real time, so you can view the realistic renderings at any time.

Object library-store all the furniture, doors and windows in each area of ​​the home.

Floor plan editing area-displays the floor plan of the layout, and can establish gateways and furniture.

Scene object list-display all objects that appear in the scene, and you can choose not to display objects respectively.

Stereoscopic preview area-displays the home layout in real-time in a three-dimensional perspective, and can switch to different angles at any time.

Mac cracked apps

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