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Storyist 4.2.1

Storyist mac cracked apps – is a The Mac software for fast editing of novels. Storyist for mac has an intuitive interface. The page layout supports headers, footers and style sheets. It can easily connect story plots and has customizable stories to edit plots, characters, and other settings. , Is a good helper for novelists and screenwriters.

Storyist function:

1. Full-featured word processor

Storyist for macOS includes the word processing tools you expect from top writing applications.

2, style sheet

Storyist provides style sheets in common manuscript and script formats, but this does not mean that you cannot create your own styles. Using the built-in style editor, you can customize the manuscript to reflect your personal preferences.

3. Page layout

No matter what happens to “what did you see, what did you get?”, there is nothing like seeing your words on the page, and has the tools to put them where you want them.

4. Images, comments, etc.

Storyist also includes support for images, annotations, spell checking, smart quotes, headers and footers.

5. Screenwriter support

Storyist comes with a script template and provides several powerful formatting functions to help you get your ideas on the page.

6. Quick style

Tab and Return shortcut keys can be changed between standard script elements, as easy as typing one or two keys.

7. Smart text

As you type, Storyist will collect your scene description, location, time, character name and transition, and automatically complete them when you need it.

8. Happy cooperation with others

Storyist imports and exports Final Draft FDX and Fountain scripts, so you can share your work with other screenwriters.

9. Flexible outline

Did you start a new project by writing an outline? Want to outline existing manuscripts or scripts to better understand the structure? Storyist provides an overview tool that allows you to quickly get a high-level view of the story.

10. Story development tool

Sometimes you want to give a face a name. A storyteller allows you to project your novel or script using photo collections or images on the web. You can also view, edit and arrange scenes on the cork board as a color-coded index card.

11, and more

Storyist provides a complete set of writing tools that can help you from the initial plan to the finished manuscript, book or script.

12. Word count tracking

Storyists can track daily word count goals and project word count goals. You can use the Project Information inspector to set these goals and track progress.

13. Fragment

The text shortcut tool allows you to define multi-part text fragments (text bits), which can be inserted in just a few keystrokes. The default snippet makes the editing dialog simple, without the need to type punctuation.

14. Theme

Use the “Appearance” preference pane to customize fonts, colors, and backgrounds. On Mojave, Storyist provides a beautiful, content-aware dark mode.

15. Print-ready PDF

Use the book editor in Storyist to convert your manuscript into a printable PDF. You can add the previous content (such as the table of contents); specify the back/front page; and set the trim size, margin and bleed.

16. Blurb trade book template

Storyist cooperates with the popular self-publishing platform Blurb to provide you with book creation and distribution tools so that you can easily print and sell your work. Use the attached print optimization template to quickly build beautiful Blurb Trade Books.

17, ePub and Kindle versions

Storyist can create ePub and Kindle e-books for reading in your favorite e-book reader or publishing on iBookstore or

18. Story table

The story list is an editable format, designed for novel writing and screenwriting. A storyteller attaches a storyline, including plot, characters, scenes and parts. And the story sheet is customizable, so you can capture the information you want.

19. Project organizer

The project organizer keeps all your writing organized and accessible. Go to your manuscript, story sheet or notebook entry with just one click. With the project-wide search function, you can easily find what you have written when you need it.

20. Template

Storyist comes with templates to let you get started quickly. Do you have your own writing system? You can create templates to use on other projects or share with other writers.

21. Import and export

Want to share your Storyist manuscript with others? no problem. Import/export formats include RTF format (.rtf), HTML (.html), plain text (.txt), Open Office (.odt), Microsoft word (.doc and .docx), Scrivener (.scriv), Final draft (.Fdx and .fcf) and fountain (.fountain).

22. Comment inspector

The comment inspector allows you to add, edit and delete comments. Comments are searchable, so you can quickly find the comment you are looking for and jump to the corresponding part of your manuscript.

23. Automatic save and version

Storyist uses Apple’s Versions technology to regularly replicate the entire project. A version is automatically created every time you open a project, and every hour as you work on the project. You can also create a version manually, for example at the end of the draft.

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