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SsrConnectPro 1.0.1

SsrConnectPro mac cracked app – is a network proxy utility that uses the network Extension technology.

SsrConnectPro function:

1. Support SSR (original, normal) and SS

2. Support method

AES-128-CFB, AES-192-CFB, AES-256-CFB, AES-128-CTR, AES-192-CTR, AES-256-CTR, chacha20, chacha20-ietf, salsa20, rc4-md5 , Des-cfb, rc2-cfb, rc2-cfb, bf-cfb, cast5-cfb.

Proxy Utility For Network. Use Network Extension Technology. Feature Support SSR (origin, plain) And SS Support Method AES-128-CFB ,AES-192-CFB, AES-256-CFB,AES-128-CTR,AES-192-CTR,AES-256-CTR,chacha20,chacha20-ietf,salsa20,rc4-md5,des-cfb,rc2-cfb,rc2-cfb,bf-cfb,cast5-cfb. Support Scan QR and Generate QR.

3. Support scanning QR and generating QR.

mac cracked app

Mac cracked app screenshot:


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