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SponsorBlock for YouTube 1

SponsorBlock for YouTube 4.6.2

SponsorBlock for YouTube mac cracked apps – SponsorBlock for YouTube lets you skip over sponsors, intros, outros, subscription reminders, and other annoying parts of YouTube videos. This is a crowdsourced browser extension that lets anyone submit the start and end times of sponsored segments and other segments of YouTube videos.

SponsorBlock for YouTube

Once one person submits this information, everyone else with this extension will skip right over the sponsored segment.

You can also skip over non music sections of music videos.

Access your data for,

– Used to modify the YouTube webpage

Data usage explanations: -SponsorBlock for YouTube

“Authentication Information”: When you install the extension, it will generate a random “userID” that is used when submitting or voting. This allows you to appear on the leaderboard and helps determine reputation of submissions.

This is open source and the entire database is public.

With this extension, you will automatically skip YouTube sponsors.

The extension also features and upvote/downvote system with a weighted random based distribution algorithm.

With this extension, you will automatically skip YouTube sponsors.

More information about how it works: -SponsorBlock for YouTube

Source code:



– Add “Full video” label option

– Add Exclusive Access category

– Make question mark links go directly to wiki pages

– Support embedded videos, channel trailers and previews (thanks @mchangrh )

The backend server code is available here:

To make sure that this project doesn’t die, I have made the database publicly downloadable at (License). If you are planning on using the database in another project, please read the API Docs page for more information.

The dataset and API are now being used in some ports as well as a neural network. -SponsorBlock for YouTube

The awesome Invidious API was previously used, and the server is now using NewLeaf as a to get video info from YouTube.

Originally forked from YTSponsorSkip, but very little code remains.

Icons made by:

Gregor Cresnar from and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY
Freepik from and are licensed by CC 3.0 BY
Alexander Kahlkopf from and are licensed by iconmonstr License -SponsorBlock for YouTube

Mac cracked apps

Mac cracked app screenshot:

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