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In order to maintain the website, we have provided a membership service, it is only 16 USD per year!

*We also accept any non-member donations

Membership features:

• Unlimited download!
• Super fast download speed!
• No region limits at all, even you are in China!
• No virus or malware!
• If you have any problems, you can contact us directly!

Payment method : *All payment methods are via Paypal company, it is completely safe.*

Method 1

Method 2

Press “send” and choose the corresponding amount.

*If the payment method is not working please contact us*

Sponsor payment process:

1. Choose any payment method from above.

2.After you paid, please send a screenshot of your payment with amount* to: [email protected]

3.After receiving the email, we will send you login detail.

Lastly thank you for your generosity :)

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