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SonicWeb Internet Radio Player

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player 2.5

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player mac cracked apps – SonicWeb Internet Radio Player is an advanced Multi-station recording Internet radio, listen to free Internet radio stations, record them and automatically split the recorded stream into separate audio tracks. It can help you find and listen to those Internet radios, and it also provides you with a radio recording function, so that you can listen to your favorite radio stations at any time. – SonicWeb Internet Radio Player

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player function:

1. Explore new music

Choose from over 2000 free hand-selected high-quality Internet radio stations. New radio stations are regularly added to the radio station database. If you are missing a radio station, please let me know and it will increase rapidly with SonicWeb Internet Radio Player.

When you are ready, listen as you want

Listen live, with or without recording. Time shift and pause webcast. Feel free to skip tracks or listen to tracks. In the case of playing multiple radio stations at the same time, your playlist will quickly fill up with many unheard tracks. This allows you to skip tracks you don’t like without any skipping restrictions. The tracks that have been heard will remain in the playlist and can be heard again and again. With SonicWeb, you can control Internet radio like a playlist or regular media player with SonicWeb Internet Radio Player.

2, radio station list

The station list simultaneously records tracks from multiple radio stations. The radio station list will record any number of Internet radio stations at the same time, only limited by the Internet connection speed. SonicWeb splits the stream of radio stations into separate tracks and adds them to a universal playlist that you can control like a media player. You can define any number of radio station lists, and switch between them at any time, regular Internet radio stations and custom playlists.

3. Station list + seamless playback: your personal radio station

Audio playback is seamless, and audio tracks from different network radios fade in and out of each other. SonicWeb can dynamically adjust the volume of loud and silent tracks, so you don’t have to do this. These functions can perform uniform and continuous audio playback like regular broadcast stations. Combined with the radio station list, SonicWeb will automatically create your own personal radio station. This also makes SonicWeb party ready!

4. Export the recording to iTunes and export to a folder

iTunes export allows you to listen to the recording and copy it to iPad, iPhone and iPhone Touch using iTunes. By exporting to a folder, you can use any media player to listen to the recording and build your own music library.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:

SonicWeb Internet Radio Player

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