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SmartBaby 1.0.2

SmartBaby mac cracked apps – SmartBaby is a tool that can help users process nested JSON and generate nested models, and also infer the type of attributes from JSON.

SmartBaby function:

  1. It can infer the type of attributes from JSON, such as String, Int, Double, Bool, and even URL and Date.
  2. It can handle nested JSON and it will generate nested models.
  3. You can use the Smart Attribute Map to specify the attribute name, the Smart Array Object Map to specify the array object name, the Smart Attribute Type Map to specify the type of attribute, or the Smart Enumeration Attribute to specify the definition of the enumeration.
  4. It can handle array root JSON, it will automatically merge the attributes of the objects in the array.
  5. You can use “project name” to organize the model.
  6. All models will be stored in iCloud’s private database.

mac cracked apps

Mac cracked apps screenshot:


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