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SimpleMind Pro 1.27.1

SimpleMind mac cracked apps – SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool that can turn your Mac into a brainstorming, creative collection and thinking structure device. It connects to similar iPhone/iPad apps.

SimpleMind Features:

Analyze and learn

Analyze your ideas and embed them with SimpleMind. The unique free layout allows you to organize your ideas according to your needs.

There are multiple mind maps on the upper level. Horizontal, vertical, top-down and automatic list layout, very suitable for brainstorming. Almost unlimited page size and number of elements.

Add media

A picture is worth a thousand words, add an image to your mind map!

Add pictures or photos. Add video recordings to themes (available on tablets and phones). Add voice prompts (available on tablets and mobile phones).

-Unique free layout that can organize your ideas according to your needs.

-Horizontal automatic layout, very suitable for brainstorming

-Three additional automatic layouts; vertical, top-down and list.

-Almost unlimited page size and unlimited elements. Create multiple mind maps as needed.

-Make multiple mind maps on one page.

-Use single selection or select multiple elements at once.

-Easily add themes and brothers. In advance, rotate (re)divide or reconnect topics or branches.

-Share the mind map as .pdf, image, outline, freemind or opml.

-Copy outline text and place the entire mind map as text on the top of the device. (Not applicable to iPad / iPhone)


-Add notes to the topic, very suitable for adding long text instead of cluttering the mind map.

-Add images or photos.

-Support playing video recordings made with iPad/iPhone.

-Support playing voice memos made with iPad/iPhone/Android.

-Use pre-installed stock icons or add as many custom icons as needed.

-Add tags to topics and relationships.

-Add links to documents or web pages. (Due to Apple’s security policy, the Mac version of Appstore does not support linking to your computer)

-Add a mind map or link to a specific topic.

-Desktop only: Use PDF bookmarks to introduce pdf as a linked mind map, which is very suitable for quick start. (Due to Apple’s security policy, the Appstore version is only available through Dropbox)-Fold or unfold separately

-Hide or show specific topics or branches

-Show partition boundaries to highlight branches.

-Use guide, cross-linking and automatic numbering

-Search for mind maps containing text.

-Desktop only: Advanced search options in the mind map editor: search for checkbox status (unplaced, placed) or icon.

-Organize mind maps in folders.

-Navigation history

Change the style and color of the entire mind map to multiple elements.

-Apply our pre-defined style sheet, choose between grade or branch-based color.

-Use SimpleMind desktop to create a custom style sheet and use it on all platforms. Customize colors, lines and borders. (Requires SimpleMind for desktop).

-Customize the background color.

-Choose colors from styles or choose custom colors.

-Use Dropbox to seamlessly sync across platforms

-Sync your mind map to Dropbox safely

-ImportMind Maps. Open the original .smmx, .opml and freemind files. SimpleMind for desktop: Import PDF bookmarks.

-Export/import all local mind maps in one archive, very suitable for backup.

-Create a new (linked) mind map from the selection.

Mac cracked apps

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